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Reviews Of The Fade-Away
The Fade-Away

Baseball, ever-popular, holds the center of this political, social and economic maelstrom, intensely distilling its best and worst: traditional standards of virtue and sportsmanship grappling with temptationsof win-at-any-cost deviousness.
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Reviews Of Haunts

Haunts takes you on an unforgettable journey into the seedy underbelly of San Francisco, a world populated by winos, drug addicts, and prophetic ghosts that pop up with the regularity of the morning mail.
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Reviews Of The Jesse James Scrapbook
The Jesse James Scrapbook

Historically, the American character is one of moral, political and religious paradox. Distinguished, revolutionary, and brilliant, the American created the modern model of democracy by enslaving one entire race of people and nearly committing genocide upon another. Oh, and he left his wife at home while he did it.
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