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The Jesse James Scrapbook: Tales of Life on the Border by George Jansen is a fictional story about Jesse James and his brother Frank. George Jansen uses a lot of historical facts to tell this story. It starts out with a kid making a scrapbook of Jesse James. There are many letters talking about how people knew Jesse, from outlaws that 'worked' with him, to family members and anyone else who may have crossed paths with him. Then you read about the kid again and his meeting with someone who thinks he's Jesse James. George Jansen has also mentioned where he got some of the information.

I always loved reading stories about Jesse James, and The Jesse James Scrapbook by George Jansen is the most unique one I've read so far. It was kind of like reading a bunch of flash fiction stories about Jesse James. I liked how it reminded you that there are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. However, I'm not sure we'll ever know the truth. I usually don't read epilogues, but you definitely need to here. I loved the ending. It made me wonder if there is more to it, and I liked that idea. I am a sucker for mysteries, and I think this is one mystery that may never be solved, which is cool and annoying at the same time. If you love the Old West novels then I highly recommend this one. I think that George Jansen had a unique way of doing it.

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